Social Responsibility

Updated August 2021

Three things that should be very important in not just the apparel industry, but in every industry. Here is where we strive to do better each day at KAVE Canadian Apparel


As a new modern forward moving company we strive to have the lowest impact on our environment and having the products you purchase from us last or the ability to dispose of with ease and convenience . 


We source our products from artisans and designers also focused on the care of this planet while also using Canadian products. Our apparel is sourced out of Los Angelas California, and the question you ask is why? While we are always searching for a Canadian supplier, we also are looking for a Canadian supplier that holds to the standards of our current supplier Bella + Canvas. We encourage you to watch how and where our apparel comes from here and how they are striving to change the way clothing is made, and also sourced. 


So you can be environmentally friendly, and sustainable. But who makes the product and how are they impacted by the working conditions? Instead of choosing large or bulk made products, we prefer the locally made products in small quantities. This way we know where our product comes from and how they feel about it. Each of our products has a story and we encourage everyone to follow our suppliers for more of a selection on great products. Our apparel is made in LA, California, USA, and then sown in South America. Working with a company that is part of the WRAP and Fair Trade Association is just as important to us to bring our customers a product with peace of mind that the person who has made that particular item, has been compensated and works in a great environment. Everyones mental health is important, now more than ever. 


5% of your purchase goes towards mental health community programs. We strive to search out companies that use the money towards active solutions towards helping people who live with mental illnesses or needing professional help to sift through the bad things life can throw at us.