About Us

KAVE Canadian Apparel established it's online presence in October 19 2019 in memory of Zedek Raine Janzen, the brother of founder Jordan Salahub. Mental health has always been important to Jordan since his late teens and personally dealt with depression and anxiety into his late twenties. In an effort to help other masculine identities, KAVE was created to bring awareness to mental health and the stigma that comes with being male and/or masculine identities. 

During the pandemic our focus shifted on how to help people in their homes and our brand took an outdoor approach to help with depression or anxiety created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Being active outdoors can greatly improve mental and physical health. 

KAVE Canadian Apparel is a brand that encourages everyone to 'Discover You' and that has been our mission since our beginning. 5% of our profits are donated to small community programs promoting mental health in adults, adolescents and children.